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How Do Chiropractic Adjustments Actually Work in Frisco TX?

Chiropractic adjustments in Frisco TX work by producing precise movements that stimulate the affected area’s neural receptors.

When the area’s neural receptors are stimulated, nerve impulses are produced that send important data about the affected area to the brain. Then the brain processes the information and updates its status of the misalignment and the associated areas of the body.

Once the brain has assessed the changes made by the adjustment, it starts sending out commands to the muscular system, and all the other systems within the body, to promote optimal healing and function.

There are multiple forms of manual and instrument assisted adjustments we can do, and part of our treatment approach is to determine which form is going to be the most effective and the least invasive.


Here at Harmony, we use a chiropractic adjustment instrument called the ArthroStim. This small handheld machine helps us augment our adjustments by delivering 1-12 incremental stimulations per second.

As a chiropractor, I can deliver hands-on manual thrusts to affected areas to stimulate the neural receptors, but with the help of the ArthroStim, my thrusts become faster and more precise.

At our office we first conduct a thorough physical examination, then analyze the patient’s X-rays to find out the direction we want the spine to move and how much force we think it will take for the adjustments to restore the spine’s alignment.

Chiropractic BioPhysics Adjustment Technique

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is sometimes described as a ‘higher level’ of chiropractic care, as it requires a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of the spine and provides a carefully structured systemic approach to chiropractic care.

CBP combines spinal adjustments with mirror-image postural adjustments, postural exercise, and traction.

Many chiropractors turn to CBP to decrease their patients' pain, but at our office we use it to address the underlying issues that are contributing to both pain and spinal curvatures.

When the spine’s healthy curves are lost, it doesn’t just affect the spine at the site of the problem, but throws off the biomechanics of the entire spine.
CBP can help us correct the underlying cause of pain by correcting the structural issue, restoring function, and removing pain on a longer-term basis.

The Pettibon System and Uneven Spinal Weighting

The Pettibon System is another highly effective form of spinal and postural correction.

The Pettibon System emphasizes the holistic care of a patient’s rehabilitation by integrating spine and posture correction, muscular development, and nutrition.

Within this system, body weighting exercises are an effective means of spinal and postural correction that have become part of our treatment protocol.

Based on the principles of uneven spinal weighting, we apply external forces to the spine that cause it to respond in the way we want it to. If we apply uneven weight to the spine on one side, we know the spine’s natural response will be to react to it in predictable ways that can be used to retrain the body back to a balanced posture.

With uneven spinal weighting, our treatment goal is to get the spine and its surrounding muscles to respond to the external forces we are introducing.


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