Chiropractic Frisco TX First Visit

Please note, our office is VERY busy and to ensure everyone gets the spot they are requesting, we do charge FULL FEE when scheduling your initial consultation. If you need to cancel or move your appointment, we require a 24 hour notification. There are NO refunds if you fail to cancel/reschedule your appointment in less than 24 hours of its scheduled time.

Our initial intake is all about getting to know you, learn what you are looking for, and make sure we can help!

We start with an in person Consult - to get to know each other. during this part of the process we review:

  • Your health history
  • Your chiropractic history
  • Your goals with our care
  • Detailed examination (may/may not include x-rays)

Within a day, we will see you at the office for your Report of finding. This will include:

  • A video
  • Review of your x-rays
  • Review of your personalized care plan,
  • Should you decide to move forward with care a gentle corrective chiropractic adjustment

To schedule:

1. Visit our schedule page HERE and follow the instructions to make payments.
2. Text our us at (945) 888-2988 send us your full name, and let us know you've scheduled your first visit.


Our initial intake is a $67 out of pocket responsibility, paid when you book your appointment. If you need to reschedule, the new appointment must be within a week of your original appointment to use the payment. No refunds are given.

We are happy to offer you receipts to submit on your own.